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Young Hearts is a mentorship program designed to help children overcome the grief of losing a parent. In Kentucky, one in ten children will face significant mental health issues, including severe depression and anxiety, related to the loss of a parent or sibling.

Additionally, study after study has shown that the loss of a close family member can lead children to suffer from severe developmental delays that can evolve into life-long struggles without intervention.  Young Hearts aims to alleviate these issues that plague children already suffering from immeasurable loss.

Young Hearts pairs these hurting children with mentors who are there for them to help them work through their grief.

Mentors are volunteers, non-therapeutic, and simply serve as a supportive person in their life that can understand the complexity of their grief.

If a child you love is struggling with the grief of losing a parent, they don’t have to struggle alone. Young Hearts is here to help.


Ready to Change a Life?

We are so grateful for your interest in enrolling a child into the Young Hearts mentorship program! Fill out the information below and we will contact you about the rest of the process.

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